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Guinea pigs Make Super Pets

Want to know about looking after Guinea pigs? Then this is the site for you. There are several breeds of guinea pigs such as the Peruvian, Abyssinian and the American. Guinea pigs are often called cavies because they belong to the cavy family of rodents. They are highly regarded as pets for very many reasons as you will find mentioned on the site. These rodents are pretty cheeky they like jumping up and down quickly and running backwards and forwards despite their short legs. They live and will keep you company for five to seven years unlike other rodents that only live for two to three years. The site will also have information on how to care of these lovely creatures, they do not require much fuss and are some of the easiest pets to take care of but there are some things you need to know to make sure the care you give is the best. The equipment needed, exercise routines, grooming, and the home environment needed for this pets will also be covered on the site.

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